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Innovative open banking technology - the “one stop shop” financial integrator. We connect bank APIs and external service providers. We save your time, resources and burden related to integrations with banks and provide value adding services on top of that.

Know Your Customer
Banking Insurance Renting E-Commerce


  • Companies need to verify quickly and cost effectively customer Identity remotely
  • Data need to be accurate and confirmed
  • The whole process should be conducted 100% remote
  • Confirming identity should be easy, hassle free and quick (within few minutes)
  • Age verification for online delivery


Disclaimer: We’re currently developing partnerships to support the process but we have not yet confirmed that we will be requesting ID document at any point, that would mean the processing of sensitive data.

You can trial different solutions to see which customer journey has the highest success rate (e.g. three KYC solutions to find best success rate)

Identity verification is 100% remote and thanks to obtaining data from bank accounts accurate and double verified.


Address verification
Utility Providers Local Authorities TAX residence


  • Various institutions and companies need strong address verification
  • Signing an agreement (electricity, cable, water, gas, internet) requires address confirmation
  • Tax Residence, Social Benefits need a proof of address


Certain institutions require address confirmation to provide their service.

FIZEN offers complete solutions for address verification. The address can be obtained from digital banking, PDF banking statement or utility bill. Then it is cross checked with ID. The process can be conducted 100% remotely, saving time and hassle of end-customers.

Address verification can be enriched with digital signature or bank account information's.


Banking data
Banking Payments Money transfers Insurance E-Commerce Lending Debt Collection


  • Many institutions including banks manually verify banking details
  • Quick, paperless and cost effective credit score
  • Data factoring with algorithms that flags risk in users behaviors


Thanks to AISP the end user can be quickly and easily verified using credentials for digital banking or PDF banking statements. Obtained banking data can be categorized and used as valuable source of information about client banking/spending habits e.g. see how much spend on certain categories such as shopping, traveling, etc.
It is also a great source of information to create customer profile (e.g. red flags, time of user activity…). Data can be also used for cross-selling (loan offer when the balance is low, Petrol station bill - car insurance, gaming)


AIS Customization
Analysis UX Design Development Post-Development / Maintenance Consulting

Tailor made end to end process

FIZEN can help you design and develop end to end process. Fizen has workforce and expertise to cover all stages of the project:


How to implement FIZEN
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